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Inside the Book

The book has  14 different scenarios/outcomes suitable for ages 5-8 years. 

It has 60 pages and 28 full page illustrations.

It's a chance to involve  children in a safety discussion.

The aim is to get kids thinking before they act by asking What can possibly go wrong?

  1. Scooting past driveways

  2. Bathtime 

  3. Not brushing your teeth

  4. Under the sink

  5. Power points

  6. Playing with balls inside 

  7. Medicine cabinets

  8. Dogs we don’t know 

  9. Crossing the road

  10. Climbing trees

  11. Power tools 

  12. Riding your bike 

  13. Chasing balls near roads

  14. Stranger danger/ Personal Safety


Choose a relevant scenario or group of scenarios

Show the child the scenario and read the verse

Then ask “What Can Possibly Go Wrong?”

scoot 1.jpg
scoot 2.jpg

Discuss the picture, what could go wrong and why, then turn the page

On the outcome page read the verse  and discuss the picture, what happened and how we could change this.


The scenarios and outcomes are  often presented with a touch of humour to maintain interest while bringing home the message - that if you stop and think before you act you will make your everyday life much easier on yourself and safer

Medicine scenario.jpg

Also included at the bottom of this outcomes page are other suggestions you might discuss in relation to the scenario.You will probably have some thoughts of your own which are personal to you and your children which you can include in the mix .

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