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From the littlest acorn grows

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Once we decided to produce a book we immediately had a number of scenarios or hazards which we wanted to include. However, very quickly friends and relatives were suggesting scenarios from the own experiences until we had a large number. We decided we could not fit more than 14 scenarios into one book we had say stop. We certainly have enough material to consider a second book! From the illustrating side I needed to enlist the help of children and their parents. To create the paintings we would pose the children and create a scenario which I could then draw and paint. What fun we had in this process! We used local children, nieces and grandchildren all ably supported and encouraged by their parents. I can tell you that asking a girl to simulate being sick into a bucket is something which is not greeted with enthusiasm.On the other hand putting a young boy up into a tree and telling him to hang on by one hand while kicking his leg out is! I set about painting each scenario and Michelle wrote the rhyming verse to accompany each painting. April 2019

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