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How it all began

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG? is a safety and survival guide for kids. How did the idea for such a book arise?

We have a dear grandson, so lovable in so many ways! As is often normal with young children enthusiasm abounds. This enthusiasm was leading young Lucas into trouble.

By rushing into things without thinking he sustained personal injury and even broke birthday gifts by overly rough opening. We began to wonder if, when he encounted a situation, for example on a scooter confronted with a steep downhill slope with hazards abounding! whether his brain was actually receiving the message - Danger! take care,slow down.

So one weekend when he came away with us in the motorhome along with all the usual fun, we produced a little booklet with 10 different hazardous situations in the form of painted sketches. We got him into a relaxed state with hot chocolate and a cupcake and then showed him the book.

We asked him to tell us 'what do you think can possibly go wrong' after looking at each of these pictures. He thought that was a great game and in every case he spotted and discussed the hazard telling us how to avoid it.

We quickly realised that all children encounter day to day hazards but they normally are not discussed until after the child has had the accident and then there is discussion.

What we were trying to do was to have a book where we could preempt this and discuss the hazard before it actually happened, before the accident happened.

Over the next month or so we spoke with other parents and the most common comment was "we could do with a book like that! Finally our friend Craig suggested why don’t you do a proper book?

March 2019

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