A common sense guide to kid's safety

  •  14  scenarios and outcomes

  •  Different scenarios to suit     different ages

  •  For ​ children  4-10 years

  •  Involve  children in a                   safety discussion before             accidents happen.​


Original artwork and rhyming verse

Helping children to think first

A book for adults to read with children. 14 highly visual scenarios and 14 outcomes which provide a chance to  discuss everyday  situations or hazards that  children may encounter.

Giving children the opportunity to think about the outcomes in a calm environment by asking the question 'What can possibly go wrong?'

All the illustrations are bright and vivid and the writing is in rhyming verse making it fun to read and easy to understand.  

What people say...

      "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”   is a must have for every household. It teaches children critical thinking and problem solving in a way they easily understand. 

Our children responded to it immediately, and now as a family we ask that question in a variety of circumstances to help teachsafety. 
You could say it does your parenting for you! "


Mother to 3 under 5's

"What Could Possibly Go Wrong? has become a family favourite. The lively illustrations highlight the safety messages and are easy for my grandchildren to understand. A very useful family safety manual that also has a story to tell."

Nana Cathy   

"This is such a great interactive read. The situations are so relevant to my very active and adventurous young boys! It has brought about many excellent discussions, and has now become a key phrase in our house!"


Mum of 2 bouncy boys

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